MommieMix Travel Tips - What to Pack for Baby (Clothes/Toiletries)

Hi Mommies,  

This is the real side of the midst of packing for a trip, I decided to film a quick video of what I was packing for my 6th month old.  I thought that this would be helpful, even though it's a spur of the moment taping.  My hope is another mommie finds this helpful and useful!  

When you're packing for a trip with a baby, or multiple children, it can be VERY daunting...the video below shows what I packed for clothing/toiletries for my little one.  What I didn't say on the video is that it helps to make a list beforehand of what you need.  I start a few days prior and then keep adding to this list.  Here is a sample list below:

What to Pack for a 6 month old baby - Summer Vacation 

1.  Hat

2.  Bathing suit

3. Sleepers/sleep sac

4. Onsies

5. Easy on/off outfits

6. Diapers/wipes

7. Facecloths (disposable)

8.  Baby shampoo

9. Thermometer/baby fever reducer

10. Blankets