About Erica



MommieMix was conceived from my belief that it is important for women to have confidence in themselves and to stay true to who they are after having children. While being a mommie is our number one priority, we cannot forget ourselves in this process! For me, I find comfort through clothing. I use fashion to express myself, and I truly believe that it is important to always be well-dressed. A lot of mommies think that they do not have time to keep up with ever-changing styles, but I believe that all mommies can both look and feel great with the help of my fashion tips! MommieMix is more than just a blog, but a forum for all mommies to come together and to share their thoughts. Whether you are a stay at home, working, single, or married mommie, we can all connect through the supportive MommieMix community. MommieMix is a place focused solely on moms, and how to make life a little easier and more fun while raising children!