MommieMix Travel Tips - How to Make it Easier When Traveling With a Baby

Hi Mommies,

Flying with babies, toddlers and kids can be a harrowing experience...or it can be quite pleasant.  It just depends on about a million different factors.  Everything can be fine one minute and then turn chaotic very quickly.  I want to make sure that you Mommies are prepared in case the day turns daunting and difficult, so I made a vlog on the plane to show you what it's like to fly with a baby, and have given you some tips to help you out.  If it's the first time taking your baby on an airplane, I would suggest these tips:

1.  Watch the baby a few days before your trip to make sure that they are healthy.  If they are tugging at their ears, or are sick, I'd check with the doctor before traveling to make sure everything is ok.

2.  On the flight, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible...if you are traveling without a seat for the baby, I usually bring a boppy pillow for the baby to lie on to sleep.  

3.  If you are nursing, make sure you are wearing something that's easy to move to feed the baby. I usually wear a strapless dress.  

4.  For takeoff and landling, have the baby suck on their binkey or feed them.  The sucking motion may help with the pressure in their ears. 

5.  Take care of you!  Make sure you've gone to the bathroom and have all your supplies for the flight at your feet.  It's really tough getting up on an airplane with a baby in your lap...especially if you are traveling alone or are with other young children.  And on that note...

6.  If you are traveling with children other than the baby, make sure that they are occupied!  (Check out my other blog post How to Travel with Toddlers).

As always, here to help, and would love to hear your ideas or feedback in the comments!

xx MommieMix