How to Fly Across the Country With Toddlers!

Airline travel and all that surrounds it can be stressful with little ones.  It's not only tough for the children but also the parents and other passengers on the plane.  When we travel, I don't rest for a minute, as I want to ensure that the kids and all who surround us are happy.  Yes, there is always that scream, or crankiness that comes with long days of travel, but I have found that if other passengers see parents trying to soothe and keep their kids calm in flight, they are much more understanding.  It also helps that many passengers have their own noise cancelling headphones.  

As another tip, if the children get a little too excited, you can always offer a round of drinks or snacks to the rows in front and behind you!

Hope you enjoy our other tips! 

xx MommieMix


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