Favorite Heels from To Be Continued...

Mommies, I'm going to challenge you this week!  I want you to get out of that Mommie box and do something different!  I want you to change up your wardrobe a bit and add some sexy heels to it!  I was lucky enough to spend time at my favorite store To Be Continued... in Scottsdale Arizona, and I found some great heels to spice up and help build your shoe wardrobe.  To Be Continued... is a luxury consignment boutique and it's perfect for Mommies, because we are all on a budget.  I love shopping here because I can find designer brand names at much lower prices.  Oh, and of course...there's Leo!  

Check out my video below and check out To Be Continued at https://tbcconsignment.com! 

Happy shopping !

xx MommieMix

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