MommieMix Notes on Sleep, Weaning and Mommie Wellness

Hi Mommies,

For the last 15 months I have been nursing my daughter and while it has been beautiful and amazing, it’s taken a significant toll on myself and my body. I haven’t slept through the night years and I’ve decided that I need to make that change now. I’ve nursed P on demand every night since she has been born. For the last 3 nights I let my husband take care of her through the night. Guess what, she did just fine. The first night she woke up four times, the second night three times and last night she only woke up once! I think that sometimes we get into our own heads so much that we don’t see what we really needs to happen and what will be beneficial to all. She seems much happier overall, but she has been very, very clingy to me during the day. I wish I had done this sooner, but I wasn’t ready to let go.

Mommies, you are what makes this world work! You are superheroes. You are important. I know that I tell this to other Mommies, but I don’t tell myself this enough. You are your biggest supporter or your biggest critic. I’m telling you to love yourself!!!! AND…get some well deserved sleep.

I also made a video blog about my feelings this morning. Would love to hear comments or questions!!

xx MommieMix