Flu Season - What Now?

Hi Mommies,

Here are an experienced Mommie’s tips to getting you through flu season!!!

For the last few years we have experienced a horrible flu season. With 3 children under 7, it’s been extremely difficult trying to keep everyone healthy through the winter. At the time of this blog, 2 out of the 5 members of our family have the flu. The baby, myself and my 6 year old do not…fingers crossed. Friends who know me know that I am insane about germs and go above and beyond with my precautions, but as all Mommies know, it’s not foolproof. Here are my tips to get you through cold and flu season. These may sound a little aggressive, but honestly, it’s worse to actually get and have the flu, or worse, you baby has the flu…and I know because I have had it.

As a preventative:

  1. Elderberry - we take this at the onset of cold and flu season daily. If you start feeling sick, ramp up the dose. I have heard that it supposedly works like a tamiflu.

  2. Flu shots - yes, everyone has their own opinion on this. What I do know is that our nurses told us that the kids who didn’t have the flu shot have looked much worse this year.

  3. Wash your hands!

  4. Stay away from extremely crowded places.

  5. Limit exposure if you have a baby. I know that this is impossible if you have multiple children, but if you go on a playdate or to a party, you are well within your right to ask if everyone is healthy, or leave the party if someone looks very sick. Same goes with people coming to your house.

  6. Take it seriously…many people think it’s no big deal and that they are tough enough to fight it and then they have serious complications.

If an adult catches it:

1. Take Tamiflu at the onset - again I know people have their views, this is what has worked of us.

2. Try to quarantine yourself - not always doable but it’s worse if other family members get sick.

3. If you have the flu and have to care for a child who has it, wear a mask.

4. See a doctor!

5. Make sure to sanitize and use clorox wipes on door knobs, counter tops and wash your hands.

6. Wear gloves, a mask and don’t prepare food for healthy family members

If a child catches it:
1. Talk to your doctor and go to the ER for breathing issues

2. Watch the fever and monitor carefully

3. Hand washing

4. Lots of fluid and rest and wait an extra day before you go out to make sure your little one is healthy. The flu will knock them down.

5. Let their school know so other parents can be on alert.

I hope these tips have helped and I really hope that everyone in your family stays healthy!

xx MommieMix