Having a Baby? Here's What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag!

Hi Mommies! 

If you're a first time Mommie, you may be wondering what to pack in your hospital bag!  I just had my third baby, and I wanted to share some tips to help first time or even second or third time Mommies (because the time lapse and toddlers at home may make your mind a bit hazy)...

So...funny story...I had my third baby a few months ago (yes, just getting to this post now!) and I was a scheduled c-section.  I thought I had a week to pack and prep my bag, etc...but I went into labor 5 days early, in the middle of the night!  Needless to say, I was only half packed and throwing things into my bag while in labor.  I had to send my husband a list the next day of what I was missing.  Moral of the story...the best laid plans rarely go the way you thought they would! 

Anyway, hope you enjoy these tips, and make sure you pack your bag at least A FEW WEEKS in advance!

xo MommieMix