Sustainable Fashion for Halloween!

Hi Mommies!

By now you have probably heard the term ‘sustainable fashion,’ which in simple terms is basically a means of helping the environment by buying less clothing and recycling/reusing the clothing you already own. I think that halloween is a great place to apply this idea. Each year you probably buy 2-3 costumes for your family. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to buy new costumes or already use costumes that have been worn only a few times? I think every little bit helps to save our environment and here are a few ideas how you can teach your children to do this too!

  1. Hand-me downs. My favorite! My boys, and now daughter have recycled and re-worn costumes for years. I think my little guy has been Elmo twice so far. My trick is to buy a bigger size so I can use the costume a few years in a row. I also let the kids use their costumes for dress up time, so we have a great collection now and the kids love to put on ‘costume shows’ when friends come over.

  2. Kids consignment. Look online to find the children’s consignment stores and see if they have Halloween costumes. We have a high-end children’s consignment store here in Boston called Buttons and Bows (Acton, MA) and they have fantastic, like new costumes every year! You can also consign gently worn costumes yourself and make some extra cash.

  3. Costume swap. Go to your local moms group and organize a costume swap. The moms should bring 2-3 like new or gently worn costumes and of varying sizes and you can trade within the group depending on how many costumes you bring. Have some Halloween treats and crafts for the kids and you can have a fun event while helping the environment.

I hope you have found these ideas helpful!!! Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2.jpeg

xx MommieMix