Fun Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Hi Mommies!

Have you decided what your toddlers are going to be this year for Halloween?  Here are a few of my favorites!  My little guy is going to be a bat this year!  Also, some your costumes early, because the costumes sell out!  I had to go a size up this year and I bought my son's bat costume weeks ago!! 

Happy shopping! 

xx MommieMix

Toddler Puffy Bat Costume - Pottery Barn Kids $59

My son chose this costume for Halloween this year.  He loves it. I's warm and totally adorable.  Funny note - he doesn't like bats, but he told me that as long as he is a "cute baby bat, it's ok." LOL.  

Orange Tiger Costume - H&M $14.99 (on sale from $29.99)

I love this costume because it's easy, warm and comes in different colors/sizes.  Plus, it's a great deal.  The costume also comes in other options are a green/dragon, dark brown/monkey, and grey/wolf.  The costume fits sizes from 1.5Y to 10Y, so you could dress all your kids in these cute suits! 

White Unicorn Costume - Koala Kids - Toys "R" Us $16.49 (on sale from $32.99)

It seems like this is the year of the unicorn!  While I found a ton of cute unicorn costumes, I loved this one because it's just for the little ones.  The sizing is from 3-24 months and this costume is great because if it's cold outside, your baby will be nice and toasty in this adorable unicorn suit.